What is 'laurabethmakeup'?
A makeup and beauty based blog. It's my little place on the inter-web where I can ramble about the things I love, and talk to people who share the same interests.
Is 'laurabethmakeup' mainly a make-up focused blog? 
As I am a make-up fanatic, it's naturally the area that interests me the most. However anything relatable or anything that I find fun will appear on here too.
Why did you start 'laurabethmakeup'?
As many now do, I have been watching YouTube videos of all sorts for a long while now. Truthfully, it started when I was about it 14 and I was suffering from bad acne. I googled 'How To Cover Up Acne' and found this amazing web of videos being uploaded from all over the world about makeup. From there I discovered the YouTube Beauty Community and have been watching and reading ever since. I created my blog whilst in college studying for my make-up diploma as I thought they'd go hand-in-hand.
What camera do you use?
I had a little point and shoot camera that I took my photos on when I started blogging, then my iPhone when that gave up, but in my most recent posts I have been taking pictures with my new Canon GX7. 
Do you make YouTube videos?
I did a few before I started blogging but deleted them because of their horrible quality and cringeworthy content. However I have considered doing it again lots of times.
What are your social media links?
You can check them out by clicking the 'Contact' tab at the top, or by clicking on the icons.

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