Sunday, 13 September 2015

KIKO Water Eyeshadow | 200 Champagne

Everytime I go into Kiko I am absolutely amazed by the wide range of different colours and shades, the sheer volume of products, and the price that they are sold for. Of the two products I already owned from Kiko, they are both of really good quality. So as they're so affordable, I thought I'd have a look and see which products people are raving about, and see if I'd rate them too. 
One of the products I'd heard of before that I have always wanted to try was this eyeshadow. Lucy and Lydia have mentioned it in a favourites video before and ever since then, when I find myself in the direction of the Kiko store, I always nip in to see if it's in stock. Surprise surprise, it never is. So I asked the sales assistant if it had been discontinued, and she re assured me that it's just so popular that as soon as it comes in, it flies off the shelf again. 
Lucky for me when I popped in a few weeks ago, the last one was waiting for me on the stand. I snapped it up as well as a few other products, and by the time I got to the till I had spent enough to choose a free eyeliner from the new collection! Bingo! 
Anyway, the eyeshadow has lived up to my expectations and I have been wearing it daily for the past week, so I thought it deserved a little write up. If you're like me and can't get enough of shimmery champagne colours then this one is one for your collection! I can never have too many of these kind of shades as they go with whatever look and really compliment blue eyes. The texture is so creamy and soft, and the colour payoff is amazing.
The range this product comes from is the Water Eyeshadow. I've tried it wet once but just prefer the look and feel of it dry. But if the wet look is your thing i'd defiantly try any of the shades from this collection. There's 26 colours to choose from ranging from natural shades like this one to bright colourful ones too, and at £8.90 they're very affordable!

Have you tried anything from Kiko and is there anything you'd recommend to try? 



  1. This colour looks stunning! I really like Kiko, I've never tried any of their eyeshadows though, but their brow powder has been part of my routine for years now! xx


    1. It's become my go to lid colour, it's so lovely :) oooh I'll have to have a look for that!! xx


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