Thursday, 22 May 2014

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation: In Depth

The Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation is one that is hugely loved by many on the Internet and by make-up lovers alike. I was a bit late on this one as I used to stick to the cheaper drug store favourites, however as soon as I tried this it quickly became a staple in my make-up collection.
I'm going to try and structure this review in a similar way to my NARS Sheer Glow: In Depth post, focusing on 5 qualities; coverage, longevity, finish, packaging and the price. Just so if any of you out there are wanting to buy this product, you can weigh up the pros and cons before investing! 
Firstly coverage, the product claims to be buildable, natural, but high coverage, whilst still giving hydration and protecting the skin. The formula is very creamy and a little bit goes a very long way, I find a pea size amount will be enough for a medium coverage and a flawless finish as the product is very rich and highly pigmented. When wanting to achieve this everyday coverage I like to apply the product with a large stippling brush, stippling the product all over my face and then blending in gently. Adding a bit more product and continuing to buffing away gives a more full coverage look, perfect for an evening look or when you just want more of a hd finish.
When considering the longevity and staying power of this foundation, it comes top on my list, whenever I know I'm going to be having a long day, this is the base I reach for. I can't comment for those of you who don't use a primer or setting powder, but with a little of each my foundation lasts all day without a touch up. I sometimes find the product to cake a little bit around my nose when I get a little oily, but that's to be expected. Talking about skin types, the product is for all skin types as it is oil free. When I have a few dry patches as well as a slightly oily nose, it caters for both and doesn't cling to dry skin. 
The finish of the foundation to me does leave a slight glow, nothing on the Wake Me Up front though, no shimmery glitter bits! However when the foundation sets, it doesn't move or slide about, and isn't sticky to the touch. I very rarely look in the mirror and see it to be chalky, but I have done on one or two occasions.
The packaging of this foundation is perfect. If I was to design a foundation (in my dreams!!) it would be in a tube like this. The colour of the tube is very sophisticated with a simple sleek font, I love the fact that it's a squeezy tube as you don't have to faff around shaking the product out. And even though the bottle is quite compact there's a lot of product in there, I doubt I'm half way through and I've had it for months. Ooh and this foundation is perfect for travelling with.
As expected with high end bases, it comes along with a hefty price tag! This foundation is certainly on the top of the scale retailing at £33 at SpaceNK, but if you love trying out foundations and want to spend the extra money, I do recommend trying this one out!

Have tried this foundation before? What do you think?


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