Monday, 7 April 2014

My Top 3: Bronzers

I have decided to start a little mini series; 'My Top 3' of certain products, writing about my favourite and most used in each category. I thought bronzers was a perfect place to start as they are one of my most loved face products so naturally they weren't hard to pick out. These three are the best of the best, found through trial and error and by reading a ton of reviews. It's so hard to find a bronzer that isn't too dark, too orange or too shimmery. But I think I've found them... for now!
First up is a little number from Bourjois, the infamous 'Chocolate Bronzer'. I snapped this one up pretty quick after I'd heard quite a lot of people talking about it, as it's only £6.99. It is definitely the darkest shade of the bunch and I tend to use this one in the summer when I'm slightly more tanned. So I wouldn't recommend it to those of you who have a very fair skin tone, however for the price, it's a brilliant buy. I don't like using this one as a contour colour as it does have a hit of shimmer to it, but not much. Don't worry shimmer haters! 
The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is a more recent raved about product among the beauty community and I have definitely jumped on the blogger bandwagon. It's a perfect everyday contour colour, it's completely matte and not orange in the slightest. I have the shade 03 and I find I can use it when my skin is in its natural state and after tanning. This has been my go to ever since I got it. I have a full review of this product, link is below.
Lastly is a cult favourite that I'm sure all beauty lovers have heard of. I have repurchased Nars Laguna Bronzer about three times and I will continue to repurchase this one. Even though I don't use it everyday, when I go back to it it's like a breath of fresh air! It gives the most natural glow on the skin with a hint of shimmer that looks lovely when caught in the light. Again I like to use this one to bronze up my complexion as the shimmer in it doesn't give my desired effect as a contour colour. But none the less it's fantastic!

Find the Bourjois Deluxe de Poudre HERE for £6.99
The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder HERE for £13 and
NARS Laguna Bronzer HERE for £27.

Find my full review of The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer HERE!

What are your favourite bronzers? What 'My Top 3' posts 

Laura-Beth x



  1. I'm so glad I saw NARS Laguna there! I don't think I could live without it! Amazing product and sometimes I even use it as an eyeshadow! Great review! x

    1. It's always in my collection, if I'm currently using it or not! x


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